What is this site all about?

We normally perceive the world as a 3 – dimensional entity but according to some studies and thought experiments in this generation, there could be 10 or possibly 11 dimensions in this universe! Wait, I won’t waste your time trying to explain those 10 or 11 dimensions that I was talking about. (Well, I might try to write a blog post in the future about these.) I am supposed to welcome you to my blog site! So now, welcome! 🙂

Before anything else, thank you for taking some of your precious time in visiting this blog. I have been dreaming about starting my own blog for a few years now and finally got it up and running. This site will become a storage room for my ideas, personal opinions and experiences, as well as tutorials or any random posts that I could think of in the future. As I live my life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, random ideas generated by an unknown integral function will just flash out of my mind any time of the day. Too bad, those ideas are only buffered in my short-term memory and for sure, it will be forgotten the next day, hour, or maybe minute. Hopefully, this blog can serve as a long-term repository of those ideas and take advantage of the opportunity to share it to the rest of the world. I may not live in this world forever, but I am sure my words will remain in this blog (as long as there is internet connection. 🙂 )

Why “The 11th Dimension”? Honestly, the title is just one of the hundred things that flashed on my mind. However, it is a fact that there could be 10 dimensions in our universe. If there are indeed 10 dimensions, I believe that God is sitting somewhere in the 11th dimension. In other words, I am dedicating this blog to our God almighty for giving us this beautiful universe that we are living in. I think this reason is already enough to use this phrase as the title of my first blog.

An imaginary photograph of the 11th dimension. (Photo by Discovery Science)

That’s all for this post! Hope this blog could guide you in any way it could in your life. See you again in my next blog post.



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