7 Advantages in Riding a Public Vehicle

Everybody knows the disadvantages of riding a public vehicle so there is no point in discussing them here. Let’s have 180 degree turn around and try to think of the positive impact this experience can give us.

1. Less Expensive Yet More Efficient

Photo credit: media.philstar.com

This is the most obvious one. Public transportation is relatively less expensive and efficient than other modes of transportation. Less expensive in such a way that you and your jeepney mates are actually contributing to the overall transportation cost. More efficient in such a way that more or less 15 passengers are being transported by ONE vehicle at a time (or 50 for buses), rather than 2-4 persons in one private vehicle or a taxi. Mass transportation is really the key to solving traffic congestion problems in the city.

2. You Can Sleep / Rest

Photo credit: notey.com

This is your chance (and might be the only one)  to insert this into your fully loaded schedule of the day. If you’re at work or school, for sure your morning will be busy to kick start your day. After lunch, you might feel sleepy but you need to drink a cup coffee to get going and finish your tasks. So grab this chance to take 30 minute power nap. Just make sure your things are safe inside the public vehicle and most importantly, do not disturb others :-).

3. You Can Think of Anything

Photo credit: cebudailynews.inquirer.net

Its time to use our most powerful weapon – “imagination”. This is where your imagination transcends into different directions. You can start reminscing what happened when you were still 5 years old or start imagining what will happen 15 years from now. If you don’t have that kind of stretch, you can also start thinking about where to eat during lunch or where to spend your upcoming weekend. Also, if you are an artist or musician, you can suddenly think of a melody or lyrics to start off your next  single or EP.

4. You Can Solve Problems

Photo credit: 1.bp.blogspot.com

If you are an engineer or a teacher and a problem has been bugging you for days and nights, riding a public vehicle can help you find a solution. Same thing applies to any other profession that requires problem solving tasks. This is also very applicable to students who have been struggling to find answers in their homework or projects.

5. Meet Old (and New) Friends

Photo credit: kristianjaker.files.wordpress.com

A jeepney can become a common rendezvous point in meeting old friends unexpectedly. You could have a chance to catch up with them for a few minutes. On the other hand, you can also meet new people from different walks of life.

6. Know the POV of the Jeepney Driver

Photo credit: c1.static.flicker.com

Not all of us are lucky enough to graduate with a degree and be employed in an 8-hour job. In finding ways to make a living, some people choose to become jeepney drivers instead. They also have their own lives and families to support and we should never judge them immediately (such as wrekless drivers).  Becoming a jeepney passenger might be a way to know experience their daily life.

7. Roam Around Your Area

Cebu City Jeepney Jesus Christ
Photo credit: everythingcebu.com

Jeepneys are not allowed to create their own route. Riding one is also a way to familiize the place especially if you are new to the area. Just make sure that you won’t get lost and if ever you will be, dont hesitate to ask the drivers for assistance.



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