Northside Cafe and Car Wash – Where Cars and Coffee Meet

One silly question: is taking a bath important for you? If yes, so does your car! Experts say that any kind of vehicle should undergo a car wash at least once a week and a full body wax once a month. Because of our busy schedule along the week, we tend to ignore the importance of a car wash. Good thing for us living in the north side of Cebu, there is a very affordable and newly opened cafe and car wash near SM City Consolacion – Northside Cafe and Car Wash!

2016-07-24 18.34.19.jpg
NorthSide Cafe and Carwash inside Seaoil Pitogo

It is located within the premises of Seaoil Pitogo branch, Consolacion, Cebu, just a few meters after SM Consolacion (if your are bound for north). While waiting for your car to finish the bathing activity, you can choose any of the food or drink in their menu:

2016-06-05 17.24.17.jpg
See? Their food is very affordable!

I would presume that their best selling product is their Northside Smores not just because its very delicious but also it is very affordable at Php 29.00 only! It is a baked graham cracker filled with Hersehy’s chocolate syrup and marshmallow.

2016-06-05 17.40.29.jpg
Northside Smores!

Pair your smores with a smooth cappucino for only Php 59.00. A cup of sugar is also serve to achieve your desired level of sweetness.

Northside Cappuccino

You can eat all the food of your choice while waiting for your car to be washed and waxed! For a simple body wash, price starts at Php 60.00! To be honest, this is the CHEAPEST body wash I have ever known in Cebu area. Check out their rates as of this wirting.

Northside Car Wash Price Range

See? For a small size automobile such as Picanto, Eon or even a City, you can have your body wash for Php 70.00 with tire black. For a body wash, tire black, vacuum, interior cleaning and hand wax, the price is just Php 289.00. This is almost half the price from other main stream car wash in the city!

Here are more pictures within the vicinity of the cafe and car wash


  • Price is VERY affordable (for the carwash and the cafe)
  • Lots of food to choose for your snacks (junk foods, biscuits, etc…)
  • Coffee and Frappes are great!


  • Limited space. Only 2 cars can be washed at a time.
  • No wi-fi connectivity for the customers to enjoy while waiting.
  • No wax and buff service available
  • No interior cleaning service (not sure though)




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