Highlands Coffee: A New Coffee Experience in Cebu

Given the hot weather this summer, I went to the newly opened City Mall in Consolacion to cool myself off. As soon as you get inside the mall, you can already see the Highlands Coffee on your left side. It really tempts you to sip a cold (or hot if that’s what your prefer) coffee drink while you whirl on the mall.


Highlands Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee shop chain. There is another branch in Pacific Mall, Mandaue City but I haven’t been there lately. Another branch will be opened soon inside the City Mall Danao and Elizabeth Mall.


This is their best seller – The Caramel Coffee Jelly Freeze. Price starts at Php 79.00. Just add 10 pesos to increase your size to medium and additional 10 pesos for large. It is quite sweet because of the combination of jelly, caramel, and whipped cream but you can taste the aroma of coffee while you’re at it. If you are not the caramel type of person, you can also have the Classic Jelly Freeze, the Hazelnut Freeze, and the Green Tea Freeze. There is also a Chocolate Freeze and Cookies and Cream Freeze if you are into a sweeter and decaffeinated drink.


This is the thing that makes this coffee shop unique – 2 coupons of Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Vietnamese Iced Coffee for every freeze that you purchased. I used up my one coupon to taste this strong-looking iced coffee from Vietnam (Sorry I forgot to take a photo).  If you really need to increase your efficiency for the next 5 hours or so, you gotta take this iced coffee. It is indeed strong at a very affordable price of Php 39.00.

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Here are some of the ingredients that make up their coffee!



There is also enough space for the customers to relax and enjoy their coffee. Tables and chairs are ready but only two sofa seats are available for use. These seats are reserved for customers only. I am not sure though if there is a free Wi-Fi connection.



  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable place to relax
  • Inside a mall so shopping is convenient
  • Very accommodating staff
  • Free coupons 🙂


  • Limited space
  • Limited branches available for the coupon
  • Limited choice of flavors
  • Little bit too much ice for iced coffee







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