5 Lessons to Learn After Reading “The Promise No One Wants” by Joey Bonifacio

A friend of mine gave me a copy of this ‘intriguing-titled’ book called “The Promise No One Wants.” This is just a little book with around 70 pages so reading this will not eat up much of your time. I’ve decided to write a post about it because it reveals a lot of promises that God has made for us, including the promise that ‘no one wants’. If you are also intrigued by the title of this book, why don’t you do the same thing I did – grabbed a copy of the book and read? ūüôā

I have learned a lot of things after reading the book and I am very excited to share this lessons into five.

1. The Promise

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A lot of people got¬†their hearts broken just because of the word “promise”, whether a promise between a girlfriend and a boyfriend¬†, or a promise between a lender and the borrower. It might be a fact that all promises are meant to be broken with the exception of one – God’s promise to us. ¬†As what Joshua 21:45 states in the bible, “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” The author emphasized that God will do everything He said He would in fulfilling around 6,000 promises in the bible.

The book also enumerated the requirements of a valid promise: The integrity of the promise giver and the promise giver’s ability to fulfill his words. I did not know such requirements exist until now. Based on these two requisites, God is overqualified to be a promise giver. The question now is: is your boyfriend/girlfriend qualified? How about you? Are you qualified? That is something to ponder before giving a promise to someone.

2. Grace vs Breakthrough

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Among the 6,000 promises of the bible, one of them is a promise from God that He will shake¬†us by removing what is temporary so that what cannot be shaken will remain. This shaking comes in a form of breakthroughs – a sudden, dramatic, and important event in someone’s life. Breakthroughs are occurs from time to time in our lives. It could be something positive like college graduation, job promotion or winning in a contest. At the same time it could also be a negative thing such as failing in a major subject, losing a job unexpectedly, losing in contest, or at an extreme, committing a mortal sin. Now, this is now the problem for us: How do we determine if that breakthrough is actually a grace from God hiding in plain sight? Does it necessarily mean that a negative breakthrough will never be a grace from God or doesn’t a positive breakthrough an shower¬†of His grace? ¬†The author found the answer for us! It is just answered in four words – “It is not about you”.¬†If the answer is quite confusing, I recommend that you read that chapter in the book ūüôā¬†

3. Fear of God vs Ungodliness

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Another breakthrough that God will give us is the¬†freedom to ¬†disobey¬†God’s will¬†for our own good.For instance, why do robbers rob a bank? Is it just to gain money or self-esteem? Why do criminals kill people? Is it just to prove that they can? Why do someone cheat on his/her significant other? Is it just because of lust? Why do we do all these ungodly acts? Is it because to err is human? No! We lack one important thing – Fear of God.¬†Recognizing that God is the creator of all things here on earth, aren’t we afraid of doing things that are against His will? All things we own are His, and we are just mere borrowers. Fear of God is the only answer to our ungodliness as humans.

4. Faith vs Impatience

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There is a striking line by the author that says: “The danger with impatience is that we may end up getting less than what we have been destined for.” Impatience is another breakthrough that we encounter. It is very humanly natural to feel that urge if we are waiting for something to happen or someone to come. Heavy traffic during rush hours, creepy long lines queuing at the bank teller, standing on daylight waiting for public transport – these are just manifestations that we are not in control of anything. What we can control is our response to these manifestations – faith. Greater faith is always accompanied with great patience. Entrust everything to the Lord when things get out of our control so that you end up what has been destined for you.

5. Purpose

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“What is our purpose in this universe? What am I here for?” The author used a ‘paper clip’ to elaborate on this . The paper clip is used to clip paper. There are a lot of types of paper and a lot of types of clips. Nevertheless, its main goal is to clip papers. If we use a paper clip to open a door lock, it might open the door but it is less effective and efficient than the real door key. This is exactly the same in our lives. The purpose of the mankind is to glorify God. Nothing more, nothing less – whether a rich businessman or a poor street kid, a famous celebrity or an ordinary employee. We are all the same and have one¬†common purpose. One might think that as a teacher, his purpose is to teach students. This is wrong. “Careers do not constitute purpose.”


This is my understanding of the ‘promise that no one wants’. God will shake everything in our lives until all that can be shaken is removed and what is left is the unshakable – Grace, Fear of God, Faith, and Purpose. God will do everything in His power to make sure that everything that is not on the four that I’ve mentioned will vanish. This is His promise. This is for the greater good. This is what we are destined for and no wonder no one wants it.






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